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Quick Bathroom Makeover

by Pamela on January 27, 2009

in Home and Garden

Is your bathroom cluttered and unpleasant to the eye? People think that renovating a bathroom is a costly endeavor because you have to get a new tub, shower tiles, floor tiles, and a sink. If you are on a tight budget and want to give your bathroom a facelift, it only really takes a few steps to achieve it.


With homeowners staying indoors rather than spending money outside, interior designers are expecting a new rush of clients with new needs. Designers are looking forward to Design Trends of 2009 that accommodate to people’s financial budgets and still offer innovative designs.

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A dull and boring room in a house calls for some transformation. One simple and easy way of livening up any room is by painting it a different color. House paint colors come in a wide range. The key is to know which house paint colors to choose and in which paint color combination for your rooms.