We all know the days of Myspace are over. The days when a person’s profile was decorated with layouts, graphics, flash toys among others. While some may say this was the main cause of the decline of Myspace, others enjoyed the customization of the profile page.

The biggest problem with Myspace was that there was too much customization. When going to a users profile the load time would take forever, there were links all over the place and it just wasn’t smooth.

With the introduction of the new Timeline Profile from Facebook, comes the ability to customize your Facebook Page a bit. But fear not the amount of customization is no where near Myspace levels. Facebook has introduced “Facebook Covers” which is essentially a cover for users Timeline.

The new Facebook Profile Page has turned into a Timeline where friends can scroll through a see highlights of different points of your life from the day you were born until now. It’s a pretty cool feature. At the top of this Timeline, Facebook is allowing users to upload their own image to help express who they are. This is the Facebook Cover.

So with that said, what will you put as your Facebook Cover? A picture of your dog? A brand you swear by? Your favorite sports team? Let us know!


It seems as though everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you something to do with Social Media Marketing. Like any hot niche, when something becomes popular it brings along a lot of innovation and creative people create creative tools to help make processes easier and more manageable.

What Social Media does for marketing is simple, it allows marketing to scale quickly. You can think of Social Media Marketing as Word of Mouth Marketing, on steroids. On average, a user on Facebook has 130 friends and a user on Twitter has 126 followers. What does that mean for you? Instead of traditionally telling each friend one by one, a person can update their status on either network and instantly their network of friends receive a message. How cool is that? Very! Especially if that message is about your brand and creates awareness.

Now to the tools. There are a lot of tools out there that help make this process easier, faster and more efficient. Companies such as Back At You have created powerful Social Media Marketing Tools to help ignite the marketing power of Facebook and Twitter. Every company does things a little different but Back At You specializes in creating incentivized promotions to help spread your message. For example, you could create a Facebook Promotion that would ask users to Like your Page and they can enter to win a prize. As the user enters into your promotion they have successfully spread a message about your Page, your Company and your promotion. Pretty simple huh? To top it off, you’ll be provided with all the statistical data so as you run promotions you can see what is more effective for your audience.

Social Media is new but you don’t have to try to come up with a solution all by yourself. The luxury of a hot niche is people are always innovating so take advantage of what’s out there and who knows, you may start teaching others a thing or two. The tools that have been built are very effective, you just need to start using them.


There have been a large amount of unfortunate losses of musicians due to do overdose.  Some have been accidental and some haven’t.  Some have become legends in music where as some are only remembered by true fans or music historians.  The following is an account of some of these musicians:

John Bonham (May 1948 – September 1980): The loss of Led Zeppelin’s drummer was a sad one for people around the world.  Bonham had been battling alcoholism for years prior to his death.  The autopsy revealed that the morning before he was found dead at Page’s house, Bonham had consumed 40 measures of vodka resulting in pulmonary edema–waterlogging of the lungs caused by inhalation of vomit.

John Entwistle (October 1944 – June 2002): The Who’s bassist was found dead one day before the band’s 2002 US tour at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  An undetermined amount of cocaine was found in his bloodstream which caused his coronary arteries to contract resulting in a heart attack.  It could be argued that Entwistle’s death was more a result of his heart condition than drugs; but using cocaine for a significant portion of his life did not help to improve his condition and  ultimately resulted in his death.

Keith Moon (August 1946 – September 1978): The Who are one of those bands who were unfortunate enough to lose more than one member during their career.  Moon played drums on all their albums from their debut up until Who Are You, which was released two weeks before his death.  Having built a reputation for destruction, his ultimate demise came as no surprise.  He was known for such pranks as flushing powerful fireworks down the toilet and destroying them in addition to physically abusing his wife, girlfriend and only daughter.  The night of his death, Moon and his girlfriend were guests at Paul McCartney’s house for a screening of The Buddy Holly Story.  After dinner, they returned to a flat in London where Moon died of an overdose from Clomethiazole–a sedative prescribed to alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Pete Farndon (June 1952 – April 1983): Farndon was the bassist and founding member of The Pretenders.  He was dismissed from the band about a year before his death due to his drug problems and two days before their guitarist died from heart failure from cocaine intolerance.  He played a prominent role in shaping the bands “tough” image with his biker clothing followed by samurai gear he wore on stage.  While in the midst of forming a new band with the Clash’s former drummer, Farndon was found dead by his wife after passing out and drowning in his bathtub from a heroin overdose.

Jimi Hendrix (November 1942 – September 1970): One of the most world renowned guitarists, Hendrix has won several prestigious music awards including being named the top guitarist in the Rolling Stones’ 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.  He has awed generations of rock fans for years now.  There has been much debate over the events that led up to Hendrix’s death.  He died shortly after being pick up by his girlfriend from a party.  According to her original testimony, Hendrix had taken 9 Vesperax–a prescription sleeping pill.  According to the doctor, Hendrix asphyxiated in his own vomit after having too much red wine.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard (November 1968 – November 2004): Known for his erratic behavior, the founder of rap group Wu-Tang Clan had several run-ins with the law.  Ol’ Dirty Bastard, born Russell Tyrone Jones, developed a successful solo career but was always viewed as a bit of an oddball  with such stage names as “Big Baby Jesus.”  He was arrested several times for such charges as second degree assault, failure to pay child support, robbery, possession of crack cocaine and was the first person to be arrested for wearing a bulletproof vest as a convicted felon under the new California law.  He died of an accidental overdose from the prescription painkiller Tramadol and high amounts of cocaine.

Janis Joplin (January 1943 – October 1970): Joplin began her career as the lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company.  Prior to this Joplin had actually enrolled at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas to study Sociology after deciding to avoid drugs and alcohol.  This didn’t last too long as Joplin eventually joined the band only to leave and launch a short lived solo career.  Joplin died of a heroin overdose.  After her death, John Lennon received a birthday greeting from Joplin–one of her last recordings.

Bradley Nowell (February 1968 – May 1996):  College students all over have found themselves at one point singing along to Nowell’s songs in the band Sublime.  After establishing Sublime with his buddy, Bud Gaugh, at Cal State Long Beach, the band began to perform at house parties eventually gaining popularity throughout Southern California.  Nowell developed a heroin habit after his frustration with major labels not recognizing them.  He claimed it helped him be more creative and would ultimately gain the attention of labels.  Unfortunately, after gaining the attention of MCA records, Nowell’s habit continued until he was found dead while on tour from an accidental overdose of heroin, Valium and alcohol less than two weeks after his marriage.

Many other musicians have died from overdose or simply battled with substance abuse.  Some, such as Jim Morrison, have been known to lead destructive lifestyles but the actual cause of their death remains a mystery.


Many say that beauty is skin deep, but some women are looking to give their appearance a makeover or want guidance in taking up a beauty routine. With a set of essential beauty tips at hand, you can begin to practice skin and hair care so that your natural beauty will radiate from the outside.  Soon, you will shine with confidence and feel good about yourself both inside and out.

The first point in any list of beauty tips is to make healthy skin your ultimate goal. The basic of having healthy skin is to adopt a daily skin care routine.  Every girl should be familiar with her skin type and use products for either oily, dry, combination, or acne prone skin.  This includes cleansing with a gentle cleanser and using a toner to maintain balance.  You should always moisturize your skin and use sunscreen for the outdoors.  You can also exfoliate your skin a couple times a week to get rid of blackheads or apply a face mask once a week. If younger looking skin is your goal, make sure to protect your skin from UV rays and cleanse your skin daily.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water for healthy, glowing skin!

Another essential beauty tip is to pay attention to your hair. A good rule of thumb for healthy hair is to keep a healthy diet, exercise, and drink water because your hair needs vitamins and minerals.  Trimming your hair is important for getting rid of split ends and damages and should happen once every few months at the least. There are various types of hair ranging from dry to oily.  Proper hair care requires that you know your hair type.  If you have oily hair, you do not want to use shampoo with too much moisture. You also do not want to wash your hair everyday because it will get rid of necessary oils. When you do wash your hair, shampoo your roots to get rid of dirt and oil. You can also use a general conditioner for the tips and once a week, do a deep conditioning treatment.  Hair styling is a must for any woman and using proper equipment and heat protective products is critical. Taking care of your hair and styling is another step in your beautifying journey.

With these beauty tips, you will find that taking care of your skin and hair will bring out your natural beauty.  Of course, you can apply makeup to accentuate your face and make you stand out in a crowd too.  Take some time to pay attention to your skin and hair so that you can continue to look healthy and feeling good while at work or running errands.


If it weren’t for highly trained flight attendants, an airplane experience would not be what it is.  A flight attendant’s job is to make sure that airplane passengers are safe and comfortable during flights and that all safety regulations are being followed.

In order to become a flight attendant, a high school diploma is a minimum requirement and a college degree is highly preferred.  To increase chances of having a flight attendant job, candidates should take flight attendant training courses.  There are many resources for flight attendant training.

Once you are hired for a position, you will be required to undergo formal flight attendant training at an airline.  Part of a flight attendant job is to constantly travel and one is usually based in various locations.

There are two types of airlines you can work for: domestic or international airlines.  Proper citizenship of a given country is required. For international airlines, flight attendants are required to speak the foreign language.  Flight attendants must be at least 18 years old, meet height and vision requirements, and have customer service experience.  Before getting hired, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must perform a background check.

Some details in a flight attendant’s job are welcoming passengers on board and being aware of all flight specifics and evacuation plans.  To insure safety for travelers, flight attendants have to make sure that first aid kits are available, explain emergency procedures, raise awareness on turbulence, and see that safety belts are fastened.  In case of an emergency, flight attendants should assist travelers with procedures. Flight attendants are hospitable individuals who constantly provide assistance and provide passengers with food, beverages, and blankets.

If you are interested in having a flight attendant job, you should figure out if your personality and character will suit the job.  Flight attendants provide plenty of customer service and need experience working with the public.  They have to be outgoing, detail oriented, organized, and responsible.

This is a job that is always changing and schedules are not the typical 9 to 5 kind.  Employment benefits package and travel benefits are some of the perks for this career. Flight attendants really enjoy what they do and should be comfortable with air travel.  A flight attendant job is an interesting one as it always allows one to meet new people and visit different countries.


For every aspiring chef out there, there are tons of free recipes to follow.  You may have the expert genes for tasty cooking or you may be an entry level cook who needs some cooking 101.  There are recipes for both beginners and professional cooks who want to make their friends and family proud and satisfied.

Cooking takes a lot of practice and patience in order to master the art of bringing together flavors and textures.  With access to free recipes, you can begin to learn which flavors bring out the best in each other.  Creating dishes with aromatic flavors juxtaposed with appealing textures is part of excellent cooking. You can get creative with recipes and always omit or add ingredients to give some change.

Whether you are making a simple yet delicious breakfast plate or a savory dinner meal, free recipes can guide you to making a wonderful meal presentation.  Look for recipes of your favorite cuisines such Italian, Mexican, Thai, and Chinese.

Nowadays, being a vegetarian or vegan has become a trend and many people know that it is difficult to get all the key nutrients from a vegetarian dish for healthy living.  Many people do not know how to make vegetarian or vegan food flavorful.  With tofu becoming a popular alternative for meat, you have to practice cooking with. You can use free easy recipes for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

Of course, there are always traditional recipes and traditional recipes with a twist.  If you have a sweet tooth, free recipes of decadent desserts will introduce you to the world of sweet flavors.  Use free recipes to cook your family a special meal and you can prepare foods beforehand if you have a busy schedule.

Once you begin to gather your recipes, you can put them together in a book and have your own recipe collection.  Make it personal by adding pictures, comments, and any changes you come up with.  The great part of having free recipes is that you can invest in the best ingredients to make delicious food.


For those unfamiliar with gardening, it might seem like a huge and overwhelming project at first.  The truth is, however, that gardening is simpler than it looks and can help create a more healthy lifestyle and environment for you and your family.  Whether you want to do landscaping, plant flowers or create a vegetable garden, the following are useful tips towards planting the seeds that will develop into a beautiful garden and healthy environment.

1. Read the Label

This should be a no brainer but so many people fail to read directions in life.  Everything in nature is versatile and thus requires different amounts and types of attention and care.  Simply read the label and instructions that come with your garden products.

2. Select the Right Plants

If you’re planting vegetables/fruits, make sure you plant them during the right season.  For other plants, be sure to take into consideration how much light they need and be aware of the temperature and soil conditions.  Ideally, you want to choose plants that are native to your region, which means they will require less care and will be easier to grow.

3. Prepare the Soil

The best soil is worked on over time and built up with the addition of organic material.  Add compost to the garden beds prior to planting every Spring.  Then be sure to recycle any yard waste through additional composting throughout the remainder of the year.

4. Planting in the Ground

When planting annual flowers and vegetables, be sure to wait until the time in Spring when the danger of frost has passed.  Trees and shrubs can be planted in the Fall.

5. Use Water Wisely

This is important regardless of whether or not you garden.  Rainfall is a great natural resource for watering your garden.  When the weather is warmer or dryer, look for signs such as dry soil or slight wilting before watering and be sure to only water during the cool times of the day.

6. Feed Your Garden

Plants need food to survive as well, such as minerals.  Plant food can be purchased at several home & garden related stores.  Again, be sure to read the labels and apply to the plants on a regular basis so that they can continue to grow and blossom.

7. Protect Your Soil With Mulch

Mulch helps conserve the moisture in the soil and prevents weeds from growing in addition to moderating the soil temperature.  A wide variety of mulch materials, such as wood chips, are available and should be used around trees and in gardens.

8. Control Garden Pests

Not all pest problems are bad and need curing.  Identify the severity of the problem and then decide whether or not it requires a cure.  Small centralized problems can use stop treatment with products purchased from the store that provide quick and effective control.  You don’t always want to spray everything with pesticide because it can be harmful to the environment.  Strive for a balance, as that is how nature works as well.

9. Container Gardening

Not everyone has a yard or garden plot to grow plants and vegetables in.  An alternate solution is growing plants in a pot or container.  Annual flowers and foliage grow well in these.  Be sure to take into consideration the condition of the area that the pots will be placed in and use potting soil.  Other than that, care for it as you would a garden planted in the ground–with water, fertilizer and mulch.

10. Attract Wildlife

If you love nature, you can create a habitat in your backyard for the birds and butterflies that will naturally be attracted to your plants.  You can provide a birdhouse or a birdbath if you’d like.


Do you need some Valentine’s Day Ideas for spending a perfect day together? Many of us express our love for that special someone in our lives multiple times.  Valentine’s Day is another day to show our appreciation for each other.  Make the best of February 14 with these cute and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that fit your style as a couple.

  1. Casual and Fun Couple: Because Valentine’s Day can get crowded at restaurants, consider staying home for dinner and fun.  Make your favorite dinner and a fun dessert together like chocolate covered strawberries. You can also play a game such as Pictionary where you use love-related themes unique to your relationship.  Another fun game is to have a romantic treasure hunt using mementos from your relationship as treasure. Hide each item with a card that says an act to perform, a question, or dare.
  2. Sexy and Playful Couple: Spice up Valentine’s Night by taking a bubble bath together, watching a romantic movie in bed, and ending the night by going through a book such as a “book about us” or even exploring new love making ways.
  3. Budget Friendly Couple: If you are trying to stay on a budget on Valentine’s Day, you can beat the night crowds by going to lunch where prices are cheaper and seeing a matinee movie. You can also have a picnic at the park, beach, or a nearby lake.  Make the food together before going so that you can spend more time with each other.
  4. High Energy Couple: For a couple who loves to dance, go to a local night club for a night of dancing together.  Try searching for a salsa night club if you normally do not go to one.
  5. Creative Couple: Whether you are going to be out all night on Valentine’s Day or you are staying in, have a camera with you for a bunch of candid snapshots of each other or have other people take your picture. If a couple takes your picture, offer to take a picture of them with their camera.  Afterward, you can go back home to look through old photo albums and even create a scrap book together on the spot. Make drawings, doodles, and even written notes.

A lot of women like to be surprised on Valentines’ Day and men like it when their lady values his gifts and ideas.  With these creative Valentine’s Day ideas, you can be sure to spend quality time together and express your love and desires for each other.  Remember that love is a journey where two people grow together. Make Valentine’s Day another hallmark step in your journey as a couple.


Valentine’s Day is one day, but not the only day in the year, to spend with a loved one.  A lot of times, guys are melting their girlfriend’s hearts by giving special gifts and taking them on romantic dates.  There are cute Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriends too!

Ladies, you can do something special for your man on Valentine’s Day to return the sweet gesture. Tell your boyfriend how much you love him and how special he is by giving him gifts that fit his personality. Put some thought into this to come up with creative and cute Valentine’s Day ideas.

Valentine’s Day Idea #1: Guys like playful and fun gifts such as making coupons on patterned paper.  Get creative with expiration dates by using special dates you share together or even having no expiration. You can make coupons that say: “One free breakfast in bed,” “A free oiled massage,” “20 minute make-out session,” or “Use this coupon to win an argument even if I’m right.”

Valentine’s Day Idea #2: Plan a barbecue at the park or lake if he is the adventurous beef-eating type.  You can even pack some fishing gear and he will be proud of you for that.

Valentine’s Day Idea #3: Guys appreciate past memories so you can make a scrapbook using pictures, mementos, souvenirs, and poems written by you. Photocopy letters he has written for you and paste them in with a cute response on another page. You can also draw pictures and make lists of inside jokes you guys have.

Valentine’s Day Idea #4: If your boyfriend likes to read, make him a bookmark with a picture of both you, write a funny insider or a special quote you both share.

Valentine’s Day Idea #5: Boyfriends who are into film and television will appreciate gifts associated with those subjects. You can create a theater like setting at home to watch his favorite movie, give him a boxed DVD set, or make a framed collage of posters and prints from his favorite movies or shows.

Valentine’s Day Idea #6: If you like to dance, sing or perform, choreograph a performance and present it to him with a microphone.  You can make him free tickets to another showing.

Valentine’s Day Idea #7: Burn him a CD of your favorite love songs or other songs that mean something in your relationship whether it’s funny or romantic and play the CD while driving to your date.

Valentine’s Day is not always about hearts and expensive gifts.  Guys appreciate the little things about their girlfriends so get creative with cute Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriends that show you appreciate the little things about him.  Nothing speaks louder than a personalized Valentine’s Day idea for your guy.


The teenage years in middle and high school are the prime years for teenage love problems.  Not only are teenage boys and girls looking for their true love, they are constantly suffering breakup after breakup.  The biggest teenage love problems occur after a breakup and the families are often affected by it too.

When a teenage boy asks a girl to be his girlfriend, he begins to experience commitment and attachment. For some boys, this becomes a problem because they begin to fear commitment.  Their space seems to be invaded and they no longer can talk to any girl they want.  Most teenage boys try to come out of a relationship that seems too restricted. Usually, a teenage girl might take the relationship more seriously, causing the boy to feel more uncomfort and fear. As a result, the boy will break up with the girl.

Teenage girls who hear the words always, forever, and promises from their boyfriends will be heartbroken from a breakup.  Boys try to win a girls heart by making promises, but the boys soon realize that life is never for sure. Teenage girls will dwell on these words, cry day and night, and seek comfort from friends, sisters, and moms.  Then comes the days where teenage girls wait for their boyfriends to come back because they are so attached.

One love dilemma that girls face is finding out their ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend right after their breakup.  This shows that teenage boys do have problems staying in relationships.

When a teen girl is told by her boyfriend to not speak to other boys, the girl will feel restricted and will want her space.  This will lead to a break-up and more teenage love problems.  Boys may be able to deal with a break-up but some turn to spreading rumors as a way of coping with loss.

Teenage love is a big circle and a challenge because most young people do not know what they want and what is important. Families are affected by the mood swings and tantrums and often advise their teens to take things slow.  It is important for teenagers to have experiences and the hardships that come with these experiences will always be there.