Facebook Covers Allow Personalization

Facebook Covers Allow Personalization

We all know the days of Myspace are over. The days when a person’s profile was decorated with layouts, graphics, flash toys among others. While some may say this was the main cause of the decline of Myspace, others enjoyed the customization of the profile page.

The biggest problem with Myspace was that there was too much customization. When going to a users profile the load time would take forever, there were links all over the place and it just wasn’t smooth.

With the introduction of the new Timeline Profile from Facebook, comes the ability to customize your Facebook Page a bit. But fear not the amount of customization is no where near Myspace levels. Facebook has introduced “Facebook Covers” which is essentially a cover for users Timeline.

The new Facebook Profile Page has turned into a Timeline where friends can scroll through a see highlights of different points of your life from the day you were born until now. It’s a pretty cool feature. At the top of this Timeline, Facebook is allowing users to upload their own image to help express who they are. This is the Facebook Cover.

So with that said, what will you put as your Facebook Cover? A picture of your dog? A brand you swear by? Your favorite sports team? Let us know!

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