Teenage Love Problems after a Break-Up

Teenage Love Problems after a Break-Up

The teenage years in middle and high school are the prime years for teenage love problems.  Not only are teenage boys and girls looking for their true love, they are constantly suffering breakup after breakup.  The biggest teenage love problems occur after a breakup and the families are often affected by it too.

When a teenage boy asks a girl to be his girlfriend, he begins to experience commitment and attachment. For some boys, this becomes a problem because they begin to fear commitment.  Their space seems to be invaded and they no longer can talk to any girl they want.  Most teenage boys try to come out of a relationship that seems too restricted. Usually, a teenage girl might take the relationship more seriously, causing the boy to feel more uncomfort and fear. As a result, the boy will break up with the girl.

Teenage girls who hear the words always, forever, and promises from their boyfriends will be heartbroken from a breakup.  Boys try to win a girls heart by making promises, but the boys soon realize that life is never for sure. Teenage girls will dwell on these words, cry day and night, and seek comfort from friends, sisters, and moms.  Then comes the days where teenage girls wait for their boyfriends to come back because they are so attached.

One love dilemma that girls face is finding out their ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend right after their breakup.  This shows that teenage boys do have problems staying in relationships.

When a teen girl is told by her boyfriend to not speak to other boys, the girl will feel restricted and will want her space.  This will lead to a break-up and more teenage love problems.  Boys may be able to deal with a break-up but some turn to spreading rumors as a way of coping with loss.

Teenage love is a big circle and a challenge because most young people do not know what they want and what is important. Families are affected by the mood swings and tantrums and often advise their teens to take things slow.  It is important for teenagers to have experiences and the hardships that come with these experiences will always be there.

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