Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Boyfriends

Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Boyfriends

Valentine’s Day is one day, but not the only day in the year, to spend with a loved one.  A lot of times, guys are melting their girlfriend’s hearts by giving special gifts and taking them on romantic dates.  There are cute Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriends too!

Ladies, you can do something special for your man on Valentine’s Day to return the sweet gesture. Tell your boyfriend how much you love him and how special he is by giving him gifts that fit his personality. Put some thought into this to come up with creative and cute Valentine’s Day ideas.

Valentine’s Day Idea #1: Guys like playful and fun gifts such as making coupons on patterned paper.  Get creative with expiration dates by using special dates you share together or even having no expiration. You can make coupons that say: “One free breakfast in bed,” “A free oiled massage,” “20 minute make-out session,” or “Use this coupon to win an argument even if I’m right.”

Valentine’s Day Idea #2: Plan a barbecue at the park or lake if he is the adventurous beef-eating type.  You can even pack some fishing gear and he will be proud of you for that.

Valentine’s Day Idea #3: Guys appreciate past memories so you can make a scrapbook using pictures, mementos, souvenirs, and poems written by you. Photocopy letters he has written for you and paste them in with a cute response on another page. You can also draw pictures and make lists of inside jokes you guys have.

Valentine’s Day Idea #4: If your boyfriend likes to read, make him a bookmark with a picture of both you, write a funny insider or a special quote you both share.

Valentine’s Day Idea #5: Boyfriends who are into film and television will appreciate gifts associated with those subjects. You can create a theater like setting at home to watch his favorite movie, give him a boxed DVD set, or make a framed collage of posters and prints from his favorite movies or shows.

Valentine’s Day Idea #6: If you like to dance, sing or perform, choreograph a performance and present it to him with a microphone.  You can make him free tickets to another showing.

Valentine’s Day Idea #7: Burn him a CD of your favorite love songs or other songs that mean something in your relationship whether it’s funny or romantic and play the CD while driving to your date.

Valentine’s Day is not always about hearts and expensive gifts.  Guys appreciate the little things about their girlfriends so get creative with cute Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriends that show you appreciate the little things about him.  Nothing speaks louder than a personalized Valentine’s Day idea for your guy.

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