Quick Bathroom Makeover

Quick Bathroom Makeover

Is your bathroom cluttered and unpleasant to the eye?  People think that renovating a bathroom is a costly endeavor because you have to get a new tub, shower tiles, floor tiles, and a sink.  If you are on a tight budget and want to give your bathroom a facelift, it only really takes a few steps to achieve it.

The first step in giving your bathroom a makeover is clearing out all cabinets and counter surfaces and taking out any existing accessories.  At the end of the makeover, you can throw away unnecessary accessories, makeup, and medication.  Next, find a paint color for the bathroom walls and these can be inspired from any fabric or even a shower curtain.

If your shower tiles are outdated and you have a glass door that is unappealing, all you really have to do is invest in a nice shower curtain to cover it all up.  Look for good deals on nice designs and color combinations.  You can also purchase a nice metal or copper bar with matching or coordinated rings to go with your curtain.

Bathroom towels are another accent to add to a bathroom, giving the bathroom more color.  Look into the colors of the shower curtain and coordinate it with a few bath towels. Buy extra matching ones because you will have to change towels and it will give a good variety to your bathroom.  With the bathroom towels, you can find interesting and soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, trash bins, and tissue box holders.  You can give your bathroom a modern feel with sleek lines and simple designs or go with more traditional designs.

With some extra money, you can even change your lighting fixtures and replace the vanity mirror.  A creative mirror idea is to place a frame around the mirror to give more character to your bathroom or buy a framed mirror for a living room and put it in your bathroom.  Hanging a piece of artwork or is a great finishing touch in a bathroom. A bathroom makeover can really stop here, but if you are willing to invest more, you can purchase a vessel sink with a modern designed faucet. Vessel sinks are contemporary sinks that rest above the counter and some can be found with cabinets.

Taking some of these simple and affordable steps can instantly result in a new and creative bathroom for you and your guests to enjoy being in!

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