Interior Design Trends of 2009

Interior Design Trends of 2009

The interior design industry and its designers and clients will experience financial restraints in 2009 due to the economic downfall looming all around.  People are spending less money on going out to dinners and movies and are staying home instead.  With these economic currents in mind, some of the speculated interior design trends of the New Year include green design, staging homes, and more eclectic and organic designs.

This can be good news for interior designers because people will pay more attention to their living quarters and would want to enjoy the environment that they are spending more time in.  An eclectic interior design means that clients and designers will be working with furnishings and accessories that homeowners already have.  This type of design mixes and matches current furniture in a new way to enhance certain objects and make them work with the room.  Designers foresee more restrained shades such as violets, grays, and neutrals that are complimented by brightly colored accents.  Bold patterned pillows are good interior design options for adding character to a room.

People also want to save more money in their homes and be part of the green movement by making eco-friendly design choices.  Interior Designers are expecting a rise in organic and earthy themed designs for 2009.  The colors would be more neutral and the paint will probably be a more eco-friendly brand.  Organic designs also have the minimalist effect with simple lines. Being more environmentally aware is something interior designer will be considering to boost their own businesses.

The current housing crisis is also a factor in being more design conscious for homes in order to increase chances of selling houses that have the “It” factor.  Generally, homeowners renovate their kitchens and baths to lure buyers who want to see brand new kitchens and bathrooms.  This may not be the best idea economically for 2009. Some people who are financially stable would prefer kitchens and baths that require work so that they can put forth their own design ideas rather than buying someone else’s.  Designers suggest that cleaning clutter from every room, painting walls, adding curtains and lighting will attract buyers.  Kitchens can use a paint job and countertops can be cleared out with a few remaining kitchen accents.  Painting bathrooms and adding a new shower curtain with matching towels will also be buyer-friendly.

Although design clients will have fewer dollars to spend on designing and decorating their homes, interior designers have not lost hope for 2009.  The new interior design trends suggest that designers will come up with creative ways to rearrange homes, stage houses for sale, and design homes with a green conscious with a budget.

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