Choosing Interior House Paint Colors

Choosing Interior House Paint Colors

A dull and boring room in a house calls for some transformation.  One simple and easy way of livening up any room is by painting it a different color.  The key is to know which house paint colors to choose and in what paint color combinations.

To make a statement about your room or home, look into different paint color options and try something new.  You may also want to ask yourself throughout the process what mood or themes are you going for? You may want a relaxed and serene feel or a bold and dynamic interior.  You might also consider how long you will live in your house and pick a house paint color according to any future selling plans.

House paint is available in the widest range of colors and going to your local hardware store will prove how many house paint colors there really are. You can paint all the walls one color, or do a combination of two paint colors. There are 3 different interior paint color schemes that are used in any design project:

  • Monochromatic: This color scheme has one color with different tints and shades of that one color
  • Analogous: This color scheme has colors next to each other on the color wheel
  • Complimentary: This color scheme has colors that are opposite from each other on the color wheel

To make your choices easier for house paint colors, you can grab a color wheel and look at the colors according to the schemes. It might be useful to grab objects around your house according to the color wheel and pick the colors and color combinations you like best with the objects.  Any color can be combined with another; it just takes some looking and open-mindedness.

You can also get inspired for house paint colors from other sources:

  • Fabrics: printed fabrics have great color schemes that you can use and create variations.  Pillows and bed linens are pre-designed and can offer inspiring and creative colors for painting your house. You can also go to a fabric store.
  • Nature: Go outside and look at the colors that exist in nature. You can choose earthy tones with some color from the sky. You can keep in mind stones, rocks, trees, waters, sunsets, sunrises, etc.
  • Floral Arrangements: Floral arrangements have colors from nature that are coordinated into a design.
  • Interior Design Magazines: By looking at other homes as models, you can quickly get an idea of house paint colors you want to choose.

Once you have been inspired by color combinations, you can buy the house paint and begin painting your walls.  Don’t forget that by using certain house paint colors, you can accent certain parts of the walls and room. You can use the color combinations for other decorations in the room.


I got happy when I saw this article. We’re going to paint our house soon and I’ve been meaning to look into this topic some more. More specifically what colors to pick for what room but I’d imagine it just depends on the individual and the furniture/theme. More articles like this please! [:

Thanks for sharing Half Note! Hold on tight and you will see more interior design articles. It’s really effective to look around you for color schemes that make you feel a certain way. I love the industrial look and the colors you will find in the city, so that’s why I chose to do my bedroom with that in mind.

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