Why Diets Do Not Work

Why Diets Do Not Work

Diets are very popular for losing weight fast and they often require a specific plan. Diet plans tell you what to eat and when to eat it. If you have dieted before, you know that it is difficult and doesn’t always work.  Diets help to lose a bunch of weight in a short time, but you will gain it all back in a short time as well.  At the end of the diet, you will ask yourself why diets don’t work.

As mentioned before, diets tell you what to eat and when to eat.  Most people cannot follow diets because they don’t like to be restricted.  They want to eat whatever they desire and when they desire.  If a diet requires you to not eat any carbs, you will find yourself cheating the diet to eat those carbs.  If the diet tells you that you can’t eat after 5, you will munch on junk food at night because you can’t sleep till 11.  Diets that have strict rules and plans do not work because people cheat.

Diets are strict and last for a certain amount of time.  When people need to follow strict diets, they will have days where they have to break them thinking they will get back on track the following day.  These diets are so restricting that once you break the diet, you do not want to get back on it and you will spend a few days eating everything you were not supposed to eat.

Diets make you lose weight in extreme ways and the body goes through a roller coaster. Because diets are extreme, they are hard to follow and once you are done with a diet, you will quickly go back to normal habits because the diet did not let you eat the right kinds of foods for your body.  This way, you go through the roller coaster and you gain the weight back at the end of the diet.

Most diets are unhealthy and your body will begin to break down and you will feel fatigue, low blood pressure, and a lack of energy.  You can become ill and have eating disorders as a result of a diet.  Chances are that when you see yourself feeling sick, you will never want to diet again.

Because diets are unrealistic, most people cannot fit diets into their daily schedule and their bodies cannot handle the diet.  This is why diets don’t work and should not work. People need to pay attention to their eating habits and physical activity levels and make the necessary changes. Going for an extreme alternative, like a diet, is not healthy or helpful.

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