5 Effective Steps to Weight Loss

5 Effective Steps to Weight Loss

It’s almost a month since you planned your new year’s resolution for losing weight.  Now it is probably time to look back on your weight loss plan and see if it has been working. If you have lost weight according to your weight loss plan, then you are successful. If not, and chances are you haven’t lost the weight, then something is wrong and you need a new plan for weight loss.

Here are 5 effective steps to losing weight and you can see results fast:

Cut Portions: Nothing is worse than eating a full plate and grabbing seconds.  Regardless of what you eat for weight loss; portion control is key to losing weight.  In one week, you will notice the difference when you start eating half of what you normally eat.  Your stomach will get used to it. When you cut portions, you are cutting calories which are making you gain weight. To help cut portions, use smaller plates.  When you go to a restaurant, do not eat the full plate and you can even ask the waiter to bring you half the size or put half the food in a box to go. Cutting portions results in dramatic weight loss.

Change what you order at restaurants and fast food joints: Ordering chicken breast, more vegetables and omitting sauces will help you lose weight.  Order a chicken sandwich without mayo instead of a cheeseburger. Ask for salad dressing on the side of your salad so you can control how much you put. Drink water instead of soda; you will save some money too.  Weight loss is difficult when going out to eat, but it is possible to control. One way is to read nutrition charts on websites before going to the restaurant.

Drink water: Rather than drinking sodas and juices, drink water and you will see weight loss.  Sodas and juices are packed with sugar that gets stored as fat. Water also helps your entire system clear up and is good for your skin.

Be active and exercise: Walk as much as you can because it makes a difference. This includes using stairs instead of elevators and parking far away from an entrance.  Go walking if you can’t afford a gym membership, but hitting the gym is a great place to exercise. Seeing others motivates you and you can listen to some pumped up songs to get you going. Include strength workouts to increase your metabolism for more weight loss.  Starting off with small physical activities will prove that you can lose weight.  Overtime, increase your activity and you will see more weight lost.

Eat a balanced meal: Cutting carbs or fat will result in weight loss, but you will gain that weight back quickly.  Saying no to a certain food only makes you want to eat it more.  Eat fewer carbs and fats if you want to lose weight and increase your protein intake to increase metabolism.  A plate should have a lot of vegetables, meat, and some carbs for energy.  Fiber is very healthy and foods with a lot of fiber keep you full and help with weight loss.

Keeping these 5 tips in mind will help you lose weight and keep it off for a long time.  These are not extreme steps, but rather healthy choices that will help you with your weight loss plan for the new year.

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