Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs

Top 5 Recession Proof Jobs

With a dwindling economy due to a recession and an increase in unemployment rates, people are now searching for more recession proof jobs.  There are industries that still offer job stability in an economy that is everything but stable.  Recession proof industries have stable demands for jobs and incomes remain relatively stable as well despite the falls in income during a recession.

A handful of industries continue to hire because there’s a demand for certain jobs.  This is good information to know for people who are seeking a new job or may be worried about being laid off their current one. Here are the top 5 recession proof jobs and industries:

  1. Health care: Careers in the health care industry are growing fast because the population is aging due to the baby boomers.  This is causing a demand for health care professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, and physician assistants.  For individuals seeking a large demand of recession proof jobs, the health care field would be a top choice to consider.
  2. Environmental Sciences: Due to the ever-present “green” movement, the job market has experienced a rush of environmental specialists who can expect their careers to continue to prosper.  The environmental sciences offer careers such as ecologists, hydrologists, and environmental chemists.
  3. Mechanical Engineer: Most jobs in the engineering field and mechanical engineers are recession proof because of technological advancements and engineers are always needed to design and create mechanical systems and the demand seems to be increasing.
  4. Networking/System Administrator: Because companies and business now function with computer networks, there’s a demand for networking, system administrators, and ITs.  These professionals are vital for a successful and advanced company.  The bigger the company, the more system administrators are needed to help run the networks and fix technical problems with computers.
  5. Education: The field of education is always recession proof because teachers and school administrators will always be needed.  College enrollment is said to be rising and adults without jobs are going back to school, which can result in more professor and teachers being hired.  Educational administrators are also important for managing the school.

It seems as though job stability is a top criteria for most people who are searching for a career or are switching careers.  There is still hope for jobs that thrive in an economic downturn. For those who are not seeking this stability may want to consider it given the current economic condition and can look into more recession proof jobs.

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