Chile Vacations and Attractions

Chile Vacations and Attractions

The country of Chile is geographically diverse with dry deserts, islands, cultural cities, and the Andes Mountains running down Chile.  Chile vacations offer variety of outdoor and cultural sites to visit and activities to do.

The Big North of Chile has some famous attractions to visit such as the Bath of Puritama, the Lauca National Park, and Pukara de Quitor.  Northern Chile is mostly made up of deserts but it also has beaches that are popular tourist areas. San Pedro is a popular oasis with a village and sand dunes called the Valley of the Moon.

Central Chile is the cultural center of the country as it contains Chile’s largest cities including, Santiago, the capital of Chile.  Central Chile is a microcosm of deserts, the Andes, 17th century colonial haciendas and beach resorts.  These sites offer activities for the daytime for visitors who can also enjoy the nightlife with ethnic restaurants and festivities. Other Chilean cities to visit are Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, and San Antonio.

Vineyards span across Central Chile for traditional Chilean wine making that has a long history in the country and activities for wine lovers.  Parts of Central Chile have a Mediterranean climate with white-sand beaches and coastal resorts. Visitors in Chile can stay at luxury hotels or other budget friendly hotels. Off the west coast of Chile lies Easter Island, a famous settlement and destination spot for its basalt sculptures called the Moai..

Southern Chile is comprised of the Chilean Patagonia and Cape Horn with heave storms and the foggy Strait of Magellan. Chile’s south offers breathtaking scenery where tourists can explore the lands such as Punta Arenas and the Torres el Paine National Park which has waterfalls and rain forests for adventurous trekking.

Because of the various regions and lands that cover Chile, visitors can enjoy vacations filled with natural sites to see and historic areas to explore.  Chile vacations offer adventurous excursions, luxury spots for relaxing, and cultural points of interest for the curious.  With a long South American history, Chile is an ideal country for any visitor.

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