Writer’s Block Unblocked

Writer’s Block Unblocked

If you write on a regular basis because you love to write, you are a freelance writer, or you are working on a novel, you will probably experience mental restrain on your writing ability and creativity.  Most people consider this to be part of writer’s block.  Writer’s Block can possibly occur on an unconscious level and my cause you to feel as though you are lacking ideas.

When we write, our inspirations are drawn from the real world either through our own experiences or observing others’.  What we know is our reality and we put this reality into writing and recreate it in a different form.  As soon as we lose touch with our reality, we can begin to experience writer’s block.  To overcome the mental block for writing, all you have to do is tap back into your environment and the people around you because what you consider your reality is what will inspire you to come up with ideas.  It may take a few days or a few months to really be able to use your senses and essentially be aware of what is happening around you.  Ultimately, you will be inspired with ideas.

The key is to open your senses and be more aware both physically and mentally.  What do you see when you are driving or walking in the city? What do you smell and taste?  How does your body feel when you wake up in the mornings? Just keep asking questions and write down the answers.  These can potentially become sentences in a new novel.  An event that you come across can become an article or a review. Be conscious of words that you may see or hear and write them down.  Finding a new word and its definition can in itself be an incentive to write just so that you can use the word.  Reading other written material such as novels, magazines, and newspapers can all help to conquer writers block.  Once you start to feel like you have writer’s block, do not pressure yourself into coming up with a really good piece of writing straight off the bat.  Small writing exercises will help to gradually over come your case of writer’s block.

Writing is a reflective and expressive process that requires some mental stability.  While we may write to our full potential when our minds are bombarded, sometimes these may act as distractions and we can feel a loss of words.  Just sift through the distractions and open up your mind so that your writer’s block can be unblocked.

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