What is the Importance of Higher Education?

What is the Importance of Higher Education?

Why is a college degree an important factor? Higher education plays an important role in the 21st Century because of national and international job markets.  People with a high school diploma tend to have a harder time finding jobs that provide financial stability while most recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree can expect a salary of at least $40,000.  Jobs are becoming more and more competitive; therefore, employers are raising the standards for qualifications.  This is why Higher Education is important because the higher the level of a degree, the more qualified the person is.

Another reason why Higher Education is important is the relationship between higher education and experience.  Companies that hire also require experience in the work field as part of the qualification standards.  Individuals planning on getting their MBA degree in the United States are required to have a business related job for two years before they apply to the school.  This means that this person not only has a bachelor’s degree, but also two years worth of experience at the least.  A lot of other higher education programs require internships and field work that compliment the degree obtained.

Higher Education is desirable on an international scale as well.  Countries that lead in high performance fields such as business value college degrees because of the esteem that comes with a college education.

During points of national economic hardship, unemployment rates go up and the job market becomes even more competitive.  Again, college degrees become significant in this situation. Companies still continue to hire during these times but they only hire for one or two positions for a given amount of time.  With so many people losing jobs and looking for opportunities elsewhere, companies have to sift through hundreds of resumes and the ones that stand out will be the individuals with a proven higher education record.  People with at least bachelor’s degrees will be considered.  Why is higher education important in this scenario? Companies do not have the means or time to train people and expect to hire individuals who are ready with transferable skills, not someone who is starting out fresh and at entry level.

For those who are currently looking for job opportunities, higher education is something to consider at the moment due to the competitive job market.  Going after a college degree may be time consuming and costly, but the benefits out number these drawbacks for the long run.  If you have a bachelor’s degree, it might be valuable to consider a Master’s degree until the market picks up.

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