Top 4 Most Common Minerals For Your Health

Top 4 Most Common Minerals For Your Health

Minerals are good for a number of reasons and each mineral has its own health benefits and food source.  We all know that minerals supply us with a lot of nutrients, but we do not pay enough attention in getting a good amount of minerals for our bodies. Most people do not even know where to find minerals in food.

Here are 4 of the most common Minerals and their food sources.

Health Benefits of Calcium: Calcium plays an important role in bone formation and teeth.  It also helps with blood clotting and muscle and nerve function. Foods high in calcium include salmon, milk, any dairy product, tofu, Chinese cabbage, kale, broccoli.

Health Benefits of Iron: Iron is part of hemoglobin which helps your blood carry oxygen to tissues and muscles. Iron is good for energy, strengthening the immune system, and prevents anemia.  Foods high in iron are meat, fish, poultry, lentils, beans, fortified breads and cereals.

Health Benefits of Magnesium: This mineral helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, regular heartbeat, keeps bones strong, and produces energy. Foods high in magnesium are meats, seafood, dairy, green leafy vegetables, bran cereal, and nuts.

Health Benefits of Zinc: Zinc is good for the immune system, tissue repair, sense of taste and smell, digestion. It also helps with normal reproduction, growth and development.  Foods high in zinc are red meats, liver, oysters, milk products, eggs, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

Eating the right amount of the foods with the 4 most common minerals is essential for getting enough minerals and their health benefits.

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