Top 3 Free Keyword Research Tools

Top 3 Free Keyword Research Tools

One of the essential steps in search marketing is keyword research. Afterall, what’s the point of spending time trying to rank for a keyword when no one is searching for it right? Right. While there are tons of keyword research tools out there, here is a list of my favorite and effective free keyword research tools.

1. SEOBook Keyword Research Tool: This is a tool provided on SEOBook by Aaron Wall. It’s actually very simple to use and very effective. Enter the keyword you are looking to target, give it a second, the page will refresh and load the top search queries and the average number of searches a day. The tool isn’t exact but it’s been fairly accurate in showing how much volume a keyword has. Also, it’s really good at giving recommendations on different phrases you can target.

2. WordTracker Keyword Questions Tool: Another great tool is not the regular WordTracker keyword tool, which you have to pay for, but the Keyword Questions tool. The basic idea behind this tool is that everyone has questions, so, depending on your niche, type in your keyword and it will return questions and the number of times it was search the previous month. It’s very good to target these words because people are always looking to get questions asnwered. Get their question’s answered and you can convince them to complete another action such as buy an item.

3. SubmitExpress Keyword Suggestion Tool: SubmitExpress has a great keyword suggestion tool. It basically gives you access to WordTracker and the Keyword Discovery tool for free. Simply enter the keywords you want to target and it will return that phrase along with other phrases based off that keyword and the number of searches that keyword gets.

So there you have it. 3 of the top free keyword research tools to help you target words or phrases that matter. Stop targeting keywords that people don’t search for. Organic traffic is free traffic and if you are going to spend time to rank, you might as well target the keywords that will get you traffic and hopefully conversions.

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