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Real estate investing clubs are growing really fast.  According to NREIA (National Real Estate Investors Association), numbers have quadrupled from 44 clubs to 178.  There are hundreds more that popped up across the country.  NREIA estimates about 500 existing groups which are not affiliated with them. Due to the fast growth, established groups who are meeting once a month are now meeting weekly as their membership increase.  An example of a fast-growing club located in Orlando, Florida reported that their members have already reached 1,000 people, doubling in recent years. The Best Investing Club According to the head of Central Florida Real Estate Inventors Association, Cheryl Kiser, “The clubs that are featuring too many speakers promoting themselves often alienate the members, who won’t probably come back.” So consider the following when you’re looking for the best real estate investing clubs: •    Look for older clubs that will most likely have…

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