Stress Relief through Change and Control

Stress Relief through Change and Control

Millions of people suffer from stress and what makes stress one of the worst conditions is that it is the leading cause of many illnesses and disorders.  Dealing with stress is by no means the easiest task but stress relief is highly possible.

Whether it is a new job that you are striving for, a relationship you are trying to get out of, or a test you need to pass, stress is the constant factor in any of these situations.
Much of what causes our stress is unhappiness and a lack of control over our lives.  When we want to change certain aspects of our lives and can’t for whatever reason, we are left unhappy.  When we don’t believe that we can change, we feel a lack of control.  Instead, we try to change our surroundings.

These circumstances seem to require personal attitude changes in order to have stress relief.  If you can’t change your surroundings, look into your beliefs and perceptions of life and begin to make positive changes there. Once you are able to analyze your personal issues and how they are affecting your life, you can begin to make small changes.

One example of changing yourself rather than others is when you are constantly stressed because you are trying to beat the clock; you need to practice time management skills to have stress relief here.  This is something you can change and have control over.  That way, you won’t be cursing the car in front of you for driving the speed limit.

You know you are relieved from stress when you can begin to take control and each step of the way you accomplish something that  ultimately brings in bits of happiness.

Stress relief is important because the problems in our lives are variables. They change but the idea of a problem is always there.  You are also a variable because you are always changing and when you change your attitude for the good, you will deal with these problems with strength and confidence.  At any rate, you will achieve stress relief by fighting the root of what’s causing stress.

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