Anti-Valentine’s Day: The Truth Behind Valentine’s Day

Anti-Valentine’s Day: The Truth Behind Valentine’s Day

Not only is Valentine’s Day a for-profit holiday to get people into buying each other love through gifts and cruise tickets, it also delivers deceiving messages for couples and singles.  Because of this, many people get into Anti-Valentine’s Day mode.

Valentine’s Day comes with a set of guidelines and couples who do not meet those guidelines on that day have failed in their relationships.

Women falsely believe that their significant other loves them because of Valentine’s Day.  A male boyfriend or husband can be unromantic, careless, distrustful, and even violent on any average day throughout the year.  But if he showers his girlfriend or wife with everything she expects on Valentine’s Day, she will be fooled to think otherwise.  Women need to be aware of other signs for true love outside of February 14.

Valentine’s Day causes people to have high expectations and if a significant other does not satisfy those expectations, they are in trouble.  If women set out certain expectations for their male partners to follow throughout the year, there is no excuse for the men to not on Valentines Day.  If they do not give gifts to their women, they will fail again.

Another opportunity for bad communication comes up on Valentine’s Day.  Some people are very clear on what they want.  Women who are slightly more humble may suggest that their husband or boyfriend shouldn’t get a gift.  Some men do not over think this suggestion and will follow her words only to be caught in a fight. She will say that she didn’t expect anything big, but even a single rose would have given the right touch.  Valentine’s Day causes mixed signals in relationships.

Some people receive flowers and chocolate at the office as a way to display that someone is being loved on Valentine’s Day.  This can provoke jealousy around the office among those who do not receive any gifts, especially if they are in a relationship.

Men who couldn’t care less about spoiling their girlfriends or wives on any regular day often hear complaints throughout the year.  Valentine’s Day is a safety net for such men because they can splurge on their significant other to make her feel special.  Such men take advantage of Valentine’s Day to express “love” and then forget about it the rest of the year.

Valentine’s Day may be a day for flattering women, but men face pressures.  They often have to read in between the lines and have to make sure to get the perfect gift to suit a woman’s personality.  Men who have creative and simple ideas may feel pressured to hold back on such gifts because everyone else is splurging.

Because Valentine’s Day revolves around gift giving, it becomes a day of competition and showing off who has the best and most expensive gift.  Women want to show off their diamond jewelry while men want to spend more money than their best friend did. Men find themselves hearing about their wife’s best friend’s romantic and sweet Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day causes single people to feel depressed and lonely.  Single people are not doing anything wrong by being single, but Valentine’s Day somehow makes them feel as if they are.  Singles tend to have the highest rate of being Anti-Valentines Day.

Some need to consider Valentine’s Day as a day of reflection on their relationship.  People can watch out for signs that reflect true love or fake love just on this day. If people realize what Valentine’s Day is really about, they will find themselves adopting an Anti-Valentine’s Day attitude.Valentine’s Day fools people into believing they are being loved and creates high expectations that may not be met.  There’s nothing wrong with intimacy and expressing love. But if it happens only once a year on Valentine’s Day, then it’s a sign for possible problems.

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